Review: Chocolate Pennies, Brownie Pops, and CO2 Oil by SCCS — 2 Comments

  1. Thank You for reviewing these items. As someone who lives in St. Clair Co. IL (Southern IL) My two dispensaries are down here and I use the SCCS Products a lot and as a veteran medical user, love them A LOT! Great price on their RSO/CO2 Concentrates, I use them in Gummies and homemade “Kushy Crunchies” (Rice Krispie Treats with weed infused butter.) I also use a Magical Butter Machine to make my own infused butter/oil/tinctures with Flower or my own homegrown, and it can save you a ton of $$$. SCCS Concentrates and products are awesome, they are great for a medical patients “tool kit” for relief but sadly, can be kind of pricey here in Illinois. Meantime I will continue to hit Ascend/Illinois Supply & Provisions (IS&P. Usually the Shelby Co items (SCCS) are ALWAYS found in the Medical Menus NOT the recreational menus, so always check the med menus first. Have used SCCS products for nearly 2 years now for Epilepsy, severe pain, PTSD and seizure disorder. Best of health to all!

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