News Joint Events is the cannabis-friendly events planning and consulting service from Illinois News Joint. News Joint Events curates 3-4 major cannabis-consumption events per year, as well as monthly events with a focus on central and southern Illinois locations. We curate a wide range of events, from academic conferences to carnival masquerades, and we partner with event planners, municipalities, cannabis communities, associations, vendors, sponsors, brands, influencers, and performers for custom consulting.

The purpose of News Joint Events is to contribute to as many safe, friendly, and legal cannabis events to help the normalization of the cannabis community and cannabis-friendly events in Illinois. For consulting, sponsorships, or other information about News Joint Events, please contact Jason Brown. For event advertising, see our Event Ad Packages.

Academic Cannabis Conference also offers games and prizes

Academic Cannabis Conference presenters

ACC VIP After Party

Eve of the Eclipse Carnival

Eve of the Eclipse Cannabis Carnival: A Masquerade and Cosplay Party