New Joint Printing is the boutique printing arm of Illinois News Joint that offers specialized small-batch merchandise, including clothing, bags, tumblers, mugs, stickers, and more. News Joint Printing caters to cannabis-friendly businesses, especially those in need of specialized “late orders” for upcoming events and other urgent needs. For events we are attending, we also offer delivery service to the events.

New Joint Printing’s small-batch sublimation printing specializes in comfortable 50%-65% polyester T-shirts and other clothing at low costs. Individualized Illinois News Joint merchandise can be customized from a selection of design, color, and fabric options. We continuously offer new original T-shirt designs, as well as print customized orders for brands, businesses, and event planners. We print on front and back in all colors for white clothing and in dark-ink colors for light-colored clothing. Custom-made product pricing varies depending on specifics. Please contact Jason Brown for detailed pricing and other niche services (at