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  1. I am a 66yr.old female with severe chronic pain from a pedestrian/auto accident. I have been using incredibles 1000mg. indica gummy’s for a few years now. ( That is 50mg.ea. per 20 pieces ) {I might add, I have a spinal stimulator inserted in my body to help ease back and leg pain } . I use the gummy’s for “filler” pain, I am also taking pain medication,but like I said I have SEVERE chronic pain. I had 1/2 the bones in my body broken,w/ internal injuries— I was given the “Last Rites “ twice . This was back in 2001 ,I recently had a femur and total knee replacement. So you might say I have a lot going on.!?!?!! With all that, I also dance @my husband’s “70’s” band’s,gigs.. I Thank God for my life and for my legs and for my husband of over 45yrs. for always being by my side and I thank GTI for incredibles that give my joints and muscles some much needed relief.! I highly recommend this product but only after you discuss it with your physician.

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